In recent years, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a centerpiece of digital marketing. Online marketing has become the dominant means of reaching potential customers, replacing traditional marketing techniques that were commonplace just a decade ago. For established business and start-ups, no matter how large or small, SEO marketing has become the basis of a company’s marketing strategy. SEO is not a trend: as long as your business needs customers to find your products or services online, you need will need SEO for your website (or “website SEO”). Since more than 80% of all online searches worldwide are made with google, you will need to focus on google SEO.

We are an SEO agency that will support you in determining the most suitable SEO marketing techniques for your business. Below, we will provide you with an overview of the key concepts of website SEO such as backlinks, local SEO, and on-page SEO. Of course, you (or your website administrator) can potentially implement SEO marketing on your own. However, since google makes hundreds of changes to its search algorithms each year, you may decide to engage anSEO company like the Amla Web Experts for comprehensive and cost-effective SEO services, since we use the most up-to date SEO tools.

Google is by far the most important search engine, used for approximately 90% of all searches. That is why google SEO is by far the most important for your SEO marketing. Although google will not reveal all the details of their algorithms in ranking webpages, there are some important factors that are clearly relevant – which we will describe in detail below. When you consider google SEO, you should keep in mind that the top 5 search results typically receive two thirds of all clicks. That is why it is so important deploy website SEO, in particular google SEO, to rank on the very top of the search results.

The most important elements for website SEO, especially for google SEO, are the following:

  1. On Page Optimization

  2. Off Page Optimization

  3. Content

  4. Usability

In this blog, we will describe On-Page SEO in more detail.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO (known also as “on-site SEO”) is the optimization of different parts of a website that affect search engine ranking. These are elements that your company can have direct control over – either through your website administrator or by your SEO agency. This is a fundamental part of SEO marketing. With on-page SEO, you must determine what target keywords you should choose for google SEO. An SEO agency will use SEO tools that will be able to advise you on selecting the best keywords based on the keywords that are most frequently used by potential customers looking for services or products that your business offers.

Once you have selected your target keywords, your website administrator or SEO agency needs to consider the following factors for your company’s SEO marketing.

Page content

What could possibly be more important for SEO marketing than the content on your company’s website? Not only should the content be informative – it should be useful as possible for those looking for the services and products that you offer. For google SEO, there are various ways that the “usefulness” of your content can be measured. Your content needs to be easy to read and provide value for your potential customer for effective website SEO. Of course, your target keywords should be well integrated into the content.  Beware that just repeating keywords is no longer effective for SEO marketing! On the contrary, your google ranking can be penalized if you are not careful with the over-use of keywords.Since the algorithms for measuring this is constantly evolving, an SEO agency will know how best to structure your content. Good and very comprehensive page content is essential for website SEO.

Title Tags

Your target keywords must be placed in the title tag of each page on your company’s site. With the right SEO tools, your website administrator or SEO agency can determine the most effective title tag.


Since your headings are typically the largest keywords on your website, they are vital to your webpage SEO. Search engines give headings more weight than the other content on your webpage. For an ideal google SEO, your SEO agency will know how to place your target keywords into the headings for optimal website SEO. Of course, independent of SEO marketing, your heading should also give an accurate description of the page content.

Structure of URLs

It is important to use your target keywords into your URLs. For example, using https://amlaweb.com/seo-blog/ is obviously much better than http://amlaweb.com/2019/blogpost/.”

Be careful, though, about changing existing URLs to new ones with new names. An SEO Agency will be able to tell when such a change can actually benefit your website SEO.

Alt text

Your website SEO should include placing an “alt text” to all images on your website. This is embedded in the content management system and is typically not visible to those viewing your website. As your website administrator or SEO agency may know, an alt text is important for reader software which supports blind internet users know the content of your images. For google SEO, it is important that google search engine to understand the images of your website and thus also the content.

Page load speed

For google SEO, the user experience is placed in the foreground. That’s why page load speed is becoming more important for website SEO – so that users can see your webpage as quickly as possible to determine whether your site provides the content they are looking for. Your SEO agency will know what can be done to make sure that your company webpages load as quickly as possible, since page load speed is an important factor for google SEO and your ranking in the search results.

Summary of Onpage Optimization:

On-page SEO is essential to your website SEO because your website must be readable both by your potential customers and by search engine robots. With good on-page SEO, search engines will be easily able index your web pages – which is vital to website SEO.

The search engine needs to understand what your company’s site is about, be able to navigate through the content of your website, and therefore be able to rank your site accordingly. An SEO agency will know the most effective way of achieving this.


Google SEO is vital for your business. Where your company appears on the google search engine results page (SERP) has an enormous impact on your ability to attract new customers. Every month, the number of people searching for products or services online is increasing.Your company’s position in the SERP is becoming ever more critical for your success. Less than 20% of all users look beyond the first page of search results!

The way that search engines rank websites is constantly changing, especially with google SEO. This is why your business will eventually need an SEO agency like ours if you want your website to reach and maintain a high ranking when customers are searching for companies like yours, using techniques such as backlinks and local SEO which we described above. Without an SEO agency, you will need to spend a significant amount of your own resources on website SEO rather than remaining focused on your core business. The Amla Web Experts would be pleased to become your SEO agency, using state-of-the-art SEO tools to develop an ideal mid-term and long-term strategy with the best SEO services and that will bring your business into focus – and keep your website on the top!


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